1. oh wow! what a start….unbelievable really. We are sorry for what is bad luck, in spite of all your good management. Maybe I will get to ring you tomorrow Kay. cheers to you both, brave spirits. What awful rain over the weekend, but at least you have a dry roof. On with the Big Adventure,…. good luck with the head gasket and new prop. Phew!
    Love Trish and John

  2. Wow … lucky really that this all happened close to home and help. Adventure already:)

  3. Wow – that’s incredible. Thank goodness you were close to a good haulout facility, but what terribly bad luck! Cant imagine how you could have lost the prop, but I am sure it will not happen again! Glad you two are okay, and that the batteries did their job, since it could have been very tricky if you had no power for the anchor. Hope the engine repairs don’t take too long, and are not too costly, and that the rest of the voyage is less “eventful”!! Soon you will be in warmer climes and this will be a distant memory.
    Love Nigel and Ming

    1. Oh No! What a dreadful beginning!
      So glad that you are both OK and that it didn’t happen a long way off shore.
      Hope all goes well with the repairs and that you will be on your way again with a more sedate start this time.

      All the best,
      Jan and Linton x

  4. My golly I hope you have not had the poring rain we have and very cold at times. Stay safe and happy, miss you both already,

    Margie and Don

  5. Of all the sailing adventures I’ve read that is the most exciting. We lost our max prop approaching cape palliser in bad weather and had to be towed in at midnight… we’re with you!! Also used to stuff a cork bung up the exhaust pipe. We’re sailing in the western isles of Scotland at present in a very compact vessel that Graham can’t stand up in. Happy days. Good luck with your second departure, you’ve had all your bad luck now! Love Graham and Anne xx

  6. Maitai sounds happy to be on a journey again. Love hearing her squeaks.Fascinating first entry. Will be following you. Bon vent.

  7. What a terrible start to your adventure. Hopefully you’re well on your way now. Good luck with your intrepid adventure. We look forward to keeping in touch with your new life.
    Joan & Claude

  8. So glad you are now back on track and hope the weather co-operates for you next week.
    Wow – even getting the new prop in the right place at the right time was a bit of an adventure !!!
    All the best
    Nigel and Ming

  9. The new prop looks fantastic, great to hear you are back on track ,new adventures are in the wind and we are looking forward to hearing about them.

  10. Hey Kaye and Lane hoping all goes well from now on. Looking forward to reading of your adventures. Stay safe and have fun. Love Jan and John

  11. Lane, it never fails when you plan for an epic adventure to have things go sideways. However, once things get back on track the story is so much more fun to tell!
    Have a great trip and keep the stories coming.

  12. Those guys at So-Pac were always known for their great service.
    We’re out cruising in our Airstream Land Yacht…presently anchored in Taos, New Mexico.
    Safe travels. We look forward to your next installment.

  13. Wow… glad to hear that it’s coming back together again. You seem to poses an effortless ability to turn seemingly routine events into thrilling adventures. Can’t wait to hear the next episode. Be safe!

  14. Oh dit donc !!! C’est incroyable !!! Sorry Lane – I’ll continue in English. What an incredibly unlucky start to your trip, with so much going wrong. A good thing, though, that all of this happened so close to home, so at least you could manage to get everything sorted and repaired more easily.
    Best of luck, and we look forward to the next instalment.
    Bisous – Love,
    Joan & Claude

    1. Unbelievable really but we are fine. I hope our next instalment is a little less exciting.

  15. Mon dieu, quelle histoire! Third time is a charm, as they say. Safe sailing.
    Bisous, karen and henry

  16. NZ wants to keep you.any way,they can have you for a little while longer.wish you well for speedy repairs and a trouble free exit next time.love you all from your toowoomba family.they all say HI.

    1. It sounds like tough luck but it makes for a great story. I hope the rest of your journey is smooth sailing (both literally and metaphorically).

      1. Thanks Jay,
        It’s great to know you are following us. Give our love to the family.
        Lane and Kay

  17. Wow..what a really unlucky start! But you did well to go back and sort everything out. It seems that you are being tested by the Pacific and you have past these tests so from now on you should be fine…
    Charlotte et Serge

  18. I’ve got the FindShip app, but am unable to find you. I’ve been looking under Mai Tai; any suggestions?

    1. Hi Steven,
      You will find us listed under “SV Mai Tai” or use our mmsi number; 512000379

  19. Quel cinema! Your spirits together will overcome all obstacles but Mon DieU! I hope that is the END of ALL your troubles, especially with flying booms and blocks. Take care and here’s to fair winds at your stern. All the best dear friends,
    Trish and John

  20. No worries- third time is a charm- last time we left Honoluk we lost our furling gear 500 miles out- big decision- keep going to Raiatea 1500 miles or turn back- so as am sure no surprise back we went 500 miles to weather to Honolulu for the fix. Off we went for the third time and all went well- at least you were close to home- shit happens!! I wish you a great passage once the kinks are out!! Great to reconnect. Safe sailing – Trudy

    1. Thanks Trudy,
      It’s nice to know that shit happens to others as well. We don’t want to be the only ones. Really good to hear from you.

  21. Blimey, you two are so tough!! My idea of a complete nightmare to have the boom slamming around out of control, let alone a flying block and fuel problem when one is tired after a bad night. As others have said, third time lucky so hope no scary incidents next time, otherwise NZ clearly wants you to join us next year.

    1. Thanks Sally,
      There were a few moments we seriously thought we might be sailing with you after all. It was a good thought! However, we must push on. Even though we may arrive late for the start of the Sail2Indonesia Rally. We have notified the organisers of our situation.
      Lane and Kay

  22. Oh my! An inauspicious beginning. It’s as well you are both such experienced sailors. Thank goodness! All the best for the second attempt.

  23. Good News Lane and Kay…by the time you get everything fixed (or re-built) you will have a new boat ready to take on anything. Best to have these issues come to light somewhat close to home rather than the middle of no where. Besides, this makes for great stories as you tell all your adventures to all your.
    Hope things start turning your way and you have smooth sailing going forward.

  24. Lane & Kay,

    As always,I find your adventures,like any good book, fascinating to read. I know your trip is safer now days than when explorers sailed the seas centuries ago, but none the less fraught with danger, unexpected surprises, beautiful sunrises, sunsets and magical night skies.

    Like I said in an earlier email, by the time you finish you will have practically rebuilt the Mai Tai (at least from a mechanical point). Just goes to show how if you want to sail the high seas you had better be a “jack of all trades”, prepared to solve any problem that you have to confront…something many people are ill prepared to do in life!

    I hope you have continued success in your travels, fair winds and a great adventure!

    As for us, Cheryl and I are headed over to Catalina Island with Kevin and Candy Cloud the first week of August to see the how things have changed since my days working for the Harbor Patrol at Twin Harbors…not the same sea trip as yours but still something I look forward to doing. I guess I caught the sailing “bug” years ago sailing with you, and your Mom & Dad (for that I thank you) sailing over to Catalina Island. That is why I owned two Hobie Catamarans when I lived on Mission Bay in San Diego but had to give them up when I moved to Northern California…Oh well, good memories.

    I look forward to your email updates. keep them coming.

  25. We’re just having a cup of tea in bed reading your blog out loud. And what an adventure! Thank you for sharing this way, we are enjoying following you from the safety of our home.
    Stay safe and have fun. Looking forward to your next update.

  26. Wonderful news.
    Gosh you’ve had a drama or two.
    Nothing you can’t handle though.
    So glad you’re safe and well.
    Off to the Torres Straits.
    I spent some time there 1984.
    Lots of coral reef.

  27. Goodness, what a run of bad luck you have had. This would break a lot of people, but with your spirit you have pushed through. Hopefully all will go well from here. All the best. Dit Bonjour a Noumea pour nous.
    Joan & Claude

  28. So happy that all is progressing. You are both so capable and equal to the task. I’m reminded that “life” is what you do while you are making “other plans”. I am happy that you know how to enjoy life.

  29. Phew indeed! Sounds amazing Kay and Lane! Glad to hear you are safe and sound. We are tucked up in our truck in Brugge with a french baguette for lunch. Happy sailing, phil and Jen xx

    1. Awesome experiences, just love your emails, they make exciting reading.
      Really admire the pair of you.
      I understand re the reefs in the Torres Straits. Have been there . Its amazing how the Islanders in their little tinnies buzz about in the dark no lights and no damage.
      So glad and relieved that you have met up with the Fleet.
      thinking of you Fiona and Robert

  30. Hi, so nice to hear from you,what an experience,you definitely need to write a book,I was so much getting into your journey.Every day I take a look at your progress on find ship but your story brings it all to life.thanks for the pics…..looking forward to the next chapter…..love Yu,from your Toowoomba admirers.

  31. So glad you have reached Tual safe and sound after all the problems and the fuel leak. Your log is great Kay and I can so relate to your experiences and know just how it is, having been there! So sorry you suffered with the Mal de Mer, but hope that is gone for the duration now. I did just what you did with Avocet on our Atlantic crossing, inadvertently gybing back after a successful, controlled gybe in the dark before the preventer was back on. Not nice at all! We will definitely try and go up inside the Great Barrier Reef next year, the seas up there on the outside sound horrible. We had heard the nets are a nightmare in Indonesian waters but didn’t know about the FADS. Do you think net cutters on the prop are a good idea? Can’t tell you how much we admire the pair of you and hope it will be all plain sailing from now in beautiful calm waters. All the very best from us here in what has been a hot and sunny UK until the current gale arrived.

  32. What a wonderful story so far, and told with such interesting detail. We are so glad that Mai tai has settled down now, and is taking you safely on your exciting voyage of discovery. It has been fascinating to follow your progress on Findship, to see your speed, course, and proximity to other vessels, and to speculate on the conditions you may be experiencing. Enjoy the relative tranquility of island hopping for the next little while, and enjoy the warmer weather! Best wishes
    Nigel and Ming

  33. Wow Lane and Kay, your sailing trip sounds so amazing. You are both so good at doing it!! We love reading all your adventures. We miss you both.
    Margie and Donxx

  34. We are enjoying every word of the your journey. Looking forward to the next chapter!
    ~ Steve & Delinda

  35. You could easily write a novel filled with your experiences, what a great adventure! Glad you made it safely to Port and have matched up with the Rally group. Can’t wait to read the next segment (chapter?) of your saga. Love the narratives you provide, I really feel like I am right there with you!

    Good Luck and Happy Sailing,


  36. What a great adventure. We are so happy that the two of you and Mai Tai are doing so well and have joined the flotilla. I am gaining a sense that a grip on the life you have been living is now pleasurably being replaced with the life you are enjoying.

    You remain in our thoughts…….all best to you!!

    P.S. – Doug and his wife Cheryl will be joining Candy and I this weekend in Cherry Cove.

  37. Dodging fishing boats and reefs, and being ejected from the head mid-stream, are not part of our landlubber lives, but we’re thoroughly enjoying reading of your life on the sea. Living your dream is what life is all about. And no more Monday mornings.
    May Mai Tai navigate you safely through the hazards, and be your haven in the wonderful experiences you are yet to enjoy.
    Watching you every step of the way. Take care.
    Big Bro & Sis xx

  38. Kay and Lane. What brilliant reading. You are very brave I think!!
    Be safe and continue with the wonderful narrative.
    I am sitting at my desk at home in Milford and find your adventures surreal.
    Take care
    Gaye and Rob xx

  39. Now we are really wishing we were with you, it looks wonderful and you look as if you are really enjoyng it. Lovely photographs. I do hope there are no further earthquakes in the Lombok area, it is very much in the news here.

    We are off to Finland by aeroplane Thursday for a WARC re-union and probably a good work out for the liver!


    Sally and David

  40. Thank you for the most current chapter! Love the description and the photos!
    Thank you,
    Steve & Delinda

  41. Hi Kay and Lane
    We are loving reading your adventures and seeing the photos of the beautiful places you are visiting.
    Happy that this last journey has been less scary and eventful than the one before which made for quite frightening reading.
    Stay safe and continue having fun.
    Much love Jan and John

  42. Wow !!! You 2 are amazing ! It takes a lot of guts to do what you do, and it’s obvious that you’re a great time. After being drowned in my world of travel work over the last few weeks, it has been wonderful to spend the time this evening reading your wonderful narratives. You bring everything to life so well that we can almost visualise what you’re experiencing. Hopefully you’ll be enjoying calmer waters at present. We are looking forward to catching up with David and Tricia on Saturday. They’ll be in Noosa and are coming for lunch. We so look forward to the next instalment. Much love, Joan & Claude

  43. Hi Kay & Lane,
    Sounds so much more peaceful than what you have had to endure to get here. Enjoy these colourful islands and people – and the spices – and we look forward to your next chapter.
    Joan & Claude

  44. Looks like a wonderful place to visit.people living on remote islands probably a long way from usual tourist destinations.Enjoy your travels

  45. Hi Lane and Kay,
    Your island experiences are as exciting as being at sea.
    Cheers to you both,

  46. Wow, what an experience! That will make up for all those awfully rough days and nights at sea.

    We are back home again after our amazing 5 weeks in Spain and Portugal. Not sure if we really want to be here! Hard to believe that we were so hot (mid to high forty temps) sleeping with the air con on all night and now back to electric blankets! But then again it is still winter.

    Loved our travels especially the 7 day cruise along the Duoro river from Porto in Portugal. Couldn’t believe the massive terraced port wine vineyards cascading down the very steep slopes.

    Look forward to your next story.
    Jan and Lint xx

  47. Now this sounds like the reason you undertook this journey – what great experiences you are having, and my they continue for the rest of your journey. For some reason my FindShip app stopped sending me your position two weeks ago, so not sure if the problem is with my app or your transmitter. Will keep checking. Take care wherever you are.

  48. As usual, your story lines and commentary are always extremely interesting. Almost all of us will never have the experiences you are collecting on this trip so we need to rely on the story telling! Keep up the good work, have a continuing safe trip and try to avoid any whales that aren’t just waiving hello to the two of you.

  49. Being the first foreigners to visit a village is really something in this day and age. Plus whales displaying for you, nights of watching out for logs, fishing nets, unlit vessels and FADs, it must be such a relief to have anchored safely wherever you pitch up. Not a stress free cruise then!! We are taking notes and wondering how we are going to manage with Alcedo next year, it all sounds pretty challenging. Looking forward to the next instalment and wishing you fair winds as always.

  50. Lane and Kay,

    It’s so great to hear that you are both safe and in good fettle. From my life’s experience I am thunderstruck that there are still places such as these. Just curious….which has the most current cell phone? The villagers, or Lane?

  51. Hi Kay and Lane
    We are thoroughly enjoying sharing your travel adventures through your blog. It sounds an amazing experience. Stay safe and keep on enjoying. Love Jan and John

  52. Another great read. What adventures you’re having. Love to you both. Jan and John

  53. Lane and Kay,
    Haven’t heard from you two in about a month. I’m not a worrier, but…?
    Love to you both,
    ~ Steve & Delinda Baughn

  54. Hi Kay and Lane,
    We are all hoping the recent earthquake and subsequent tsunami in Indonesia has not damaged you in any way. Every night on TV we are seeing dreadful sights of misery, death and utter destruction. I do see a position on Findaship recording you today as being at anchor in a spot in Central Kalimantan.
    We eagerly await more tales of adventure and wildlife spotting …
    Martin and I moved house recently and yesterday I looked out the sitting room window to see two Orca mooching around in the Rangitoto Channel!! I wouldn’t have noticed them but for the fact I wondered why the Gulf Harbour Ferry had stopped and was just holding on station with people all on one side. So wild life spotting from us too (the Orca not the passengers)!
    Ginny et al

  55. Fabulous pics – lovely to see you guys enjoying!! thanks for sharing and love to all – Luigi

  56. Interesting part of the world….great to have spent time with the family………….Cher Carlos and family are arriving back to aus in 2wks ,we are looking forward to this also…..safe travels,always great to hear from you.

  57. WOW ! What incredible experiences, and how wonderful to have been able to share many of them with Francoise and Loic. You certainly are great adventurers, and with your warm personalities, so much more opens up to you. We so love reading about your travels which you express so fantastically. We look forward to your next instalment. Love, Joan & Claude

    1. Thanks Joan and Claude,
      Your own adventures give me inspiration and it is so much more fun to share our good times, and bad, with our friends.

      I look forward to hearing of your next adventures.

      Joan, do you have any contacts/ tour guides, in Cambodia or Viet Nam? We want to organise a trip there next year.

  58. Hi there, What a wonderful time you are sharing with us. …. and to have Françoise and Loïc onboard.Just the best. Take good care of yourselves.
    What an intensive rewarding chapter of your lives to say the least !
    Bon vent.

  59. WOW ! More amazing experiences ! Claude and I so look forward to reading your instalments, and learning about places that the majority of people never ever get to see. You certainly are intrepid travellers. Love, Joan & Claude

  60. Always a pleasure to get updates of your journey.expect you catch nice fresh fish to eat….by the way Lane,birthday wishes from all of us in Toowoomba…..we just celebrated Jays big day yesterday,32 now…..

  61. What wonderful experiences you are enjoying. We can’t wait for the next instalment.
    It’s wonderful that you can share them with us.

    Love the accompanying photos.
    BB and Tricia

  62. Wow – so fascinating, and thanks for letting us live vicariously though your adventures !!
    All the very best for the rest of the trip
    Nigel and Ming

  63. Wow,some great pics,must be so interesting in that part of the world……by the way Kay ,a huge happy birthday.Every time I think I’m catching up to you,you go and have another birthday………..less than a week now till Cher and Carlos arrive,next sat morning to be exact…….keep your adventures and great pics coming.so exciting

  64. After all your amazing adventures and experiences during your time cruising, I’m sure you must be looking forward to spending some time on terra firma ! I’m sure you’ll continue to pack in lots more unique experiences, so we look forward to your next instalment !
    Joan & Claude

  65. So good to finally hear from you guys. We will be leaving NZ for our new digs in Tavira. Then in July off to San Francisco to apply to the Portuguese consulate for immigration. Wish us luck with that.
    Take care and stay well and happy.
    Love Karen

  66. What a wonderful adventure! I so LOVE reading all the beautiful places you have traveled to and all the pictures! Thank you for sharing!

  67. Lovely to hear your news of the last few months and what adventures you’re having! Keep on having fun and stay safe.

  68. Hello
    Nice to read you again!
    Our blog is also on hold as we are still in the Rio Dulce in Guatemala with Kuaka waiting very patiently to be repainted after a total sandblast. We still hope we’ll sail for a month before hurrican season starts again and then us back in the Rio.

  69. good to hear of your further adventures ….. we were a bit concerned not having seen a post from you in quite a while, and seeing the boat in Malaysia since November. Anyway – sounds like the wonderful adventures continue. We were in Singapore at the end of January, so may have just missed you!
    Enjoy your upcoming cruise around Asia, and stay safe.
    Nigel and Ming

  70. Thank you for sharing this beautiful adventure. Love the descriptions and the photos. Looking forward to the next installment!

  71. What a fabulous trip, and fabulous photos. You really bring it all so well to life ! Love Joan & Claude

  72. Loved reading your latest,that water looks absolutely inviting,so clear……hard to imagine warm tropical conditions as we’re into a Toowoomba winter having the heaters going most days,maybe we should swap for a period,my flippers and mask haven’t been used for a while……everyone is doing well here.Susi still writing her 4th book and Cher Donna and Jay all busy and happy.we will all be together next week on the coast.i will share your adventures with them if they haven’t already seen.enjoy your next stage of your trip and will be looking forward till the next update…..was wonderful talking to you the other day,will have to try that again before too long.keep well lb.

  73. It’s always wonderful reading about your amazing adventures. We look forward to your next episode.

  74. You guys are amazing!!! What time you are having. Photos are exquisite.
    Stay safe. We are in US applying for our Portuguese Residency VISA. Stuck here in the evil empire for 60 or more days. We are seeing old friends and Henry’s brothers later on.
    I am on Whatsapp using my portuguese number +351 5769111 Try and text me when you next have a cell tower.
    Karen and Henry

  75. Great blog Kay. Lovely to share your adventures. It sounds like you’re having an amazing time. Stay safe and have fun. X

  76. You two really are amazing – such intrepid travellers ! I so love reading about your adventures. You certainly make the most of every moment ! Joan & Claude

  77. Hi lane.. sitting here with grandma sharing your adventures.. including Kay’s Facebook page…. she loves and wants to say hi!..

    Love you guys

  78. What amazing adventures you two are experiencing on this trip. It is certainly very reassuring to have 24/7 military escorts to protect you from pirate attacks. Do take care ! We look forward to your next instalment.
    Joan & Claude xx

  79. Hi there Kay and Lane,
    Your blog makes for fascinating reading, and your photos are stunning! Life at sea is certainly never dull.
    Hope your period under military escort is more on the dull side than exciting though!!
    Wishing you every good thought, and fair breezes.
    Cheers, Ginny

  80. Lane,

    A beard??

    Never thought of you as a fashionado.

    Next thing will be a tattoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  81. Another great adventure.what a great way to explore Borneo.expect you managed to slip in a little diving where you were able……I’m sure the next leg of your journey will take you to more fantastic places.lovely part of the world……we had David stay with us as you probably know,struck a perfect week of lovely sunny weather while he was here…..the families on the Sunshine Coast are keeping up with your adventure……..by the way Loic is comeing to visit late oct so will be getting the cousins together.he will only have a day and evening but will be great to catch up.

  82. Love reading of your adventures. Stay safe and enjoy. Love to you both. Jan and John

  83. You’re going to have to write a book about all of your amazing adventures. We so love reading your very descriptive narratives. Looking forward to the next chapter. Love J&C

  84. Goodness it gets more and more gripping…. take good care and keep a good look out. Do you still have plans to sail up to the Med? Bon vent .

  85. Hi Kay and Lane.
    Wow! Amazing stories, fabulous photos. Love hearing from you.
    All the best.
    Love Jan and Linton

    We have just got home after 6 fantastic weeks in Koh Samui. Wish we were still there. Good to escape a few weeks of winter. Fortunately have returned to very sunny Napier.

  86. WOW ! You 2 are such intrepid travellers. We do so enjoy reading your blogs. Joan & Claude xx

  87. What a wonderful experience,interesting part of the world.will be looking forward to the next instalment.photos are great

  88. The Cambodian joie de vivre is clear to see – both theirs and yours! What a blast of a time you are having with such a variety of different cultures & scenes.
    So love to read all about your experiences but we miss you two so much.
    Take great care & we’ll be waiting at the dock when you return – you will return won’t you. I know, we’ll be waiting a long time but we can do that. : ) : )

  89. Enjoyed reading about your experiences and seeing the interesting photos.
    Looking forward to your next newsletter!

  90. Thanks for your latest update Kay and Lane. Always love reading about your adventures. Beautiful photos too. All the best for the next part of your cruising and look forward to hearing more.
    Jan and Linton x

  91. Hi Kay and Lane, we’ve been thinking of you and are glad to hear from you. It sounds like your situation is of some concern. with your long store of experience and being in good health you are probably able to weather it better than most but there are limits of course. Your own knowdledge and abilties are your best asset and guide; the legalities can be sorted out later. Keep safe and keep in touch.
    Love Anne and Graham

  92. What a fabulous story of your travels. Lane, I think you met your match. I think that is so wonderful that you two travel together and can share these great adventures.

    Yes, the Coronavirus has been life changing for so many. All of a sudden the world just came to a halt.

    Praying that this will be over soon, and that life will be back to a safe place. It is great to see families riding bikes, walking, and doing things that our generation did as children with our families.

    Safe travels! Love and Hugs, Judy

  93. Hi there Kay and Lane.

    Thanks for your latest update. Very scary times for you!! You have certainly been having some unusual experiences, often quite frightening. Must be just awful having that feeling of being stuck and not being able to go anywhere – all options are not good for you. It is bad enough being locked up and dictated to here but obviously nothing compared with you. So pleased you have the company of fellow cruisers.

    As you would know Kay, all viruses run their course so hopefully this global lockdown will end soon. We can’t see how the world can stop for much longer. NZ is crippled already. We fear for the future and wonder if the counrty will ever recover. The socio-economic/health fallout from this will be far worse than a virus that is apparently no worse than seasonal flu and from which most people recover. Doesn’t add up. Has to be a hidden agenda. A discussion for another time! While we have all been locked up for the past 2 weeks, unbeknown to everyone, the government has been allowing returning residents to enter the country, go home and self isolate instead of keeping them in quarantine near the airport!!! Aaaaaaaaargh! Look after yourselves. Thinking of you. Lot of love Jan and Linton xx

  94. Looks amazing Kay, loved the ANZAC day service!
    Paul is in quarantine in an Auckland hotel, we pick him up Sunday! Enjoy your lovely beach.
    Jen xx

  95. Je vous suis depuis le début de votre “Mésaventure” et aurais volontiers être parmis vous , recevez tous mes meilleures amitiés et grosses bises aux dames.
    Gerard D’ Extrapoles. Actuellement chez lui en France.
    Mon frère Jacques est confiné à Phuket.

  96. Hi there Kay and Lane.

    Have been thinking about you since you were last in touch when you were unsure of what lay ahead. Really pleased to hear that all is well now. Loved reading your latest story as well as the photos. Looks as if you are surrounded by a great bunch of people too. What an amazing job you have all done cleaning up the island! Well done!

    Celebrating ANZAC day must have been very special. Sadly no such thing for us here. Jacinderella decided it was best for us to be locked up for another week. Aaaaaaaargh! It was the most magic day too. Lots of people were very creative and made all sorts of poppies and other ANZAC things and displayed them on fences, in windows, on letterboxes and on grass verges. Lovely!

    Well we have no news except that we were able to have a takeaway coffee today! We are seriously over this charade and fear for the future. Our trip to Koh Samui mid June is not going to happen.

    Now that you are parked up on an idyllic island with your mates and have plenty of supplies, we envy you all! So relieved that all is well for the time being at least.

    Enjoy every moment. Look forward to the next chapter in your amazing story.

    Love from Jan and Linton xx

  97. Votre séjour en Chine m’a rapporté tellement de bons souvenirs!
    On se demande quand on pourra de nouveau voyager!
    Bon confinement aux îles du paradis!

  98. Lane & Kay,
    As always, love the updates of your great adventure. Lane, what is the size of the Mai Tai as compared to the Topaz I got to sail on with you and your parents way back when we were kids. Always loved going to Catalina Island and between you and Kevin Cloud getting me on the Harbor Patrol There I found out how much fun one can have while being paid for being on the water. Stay safe and when you get near another cell tower send along updates. Hope to see you sometime in the future. Doug Dinjian

    1. Hi Doug – Always great to hear from you! Mai Tai is very similar in hull shape to the Topaz. Topaz was 55 ft and Mai Tai is 44 ft.

  99. Great place to be in lock down. I’d say that group you are with will be life long friends moving forward.
    Keep well.. Keep safe.
    Kia Kaha.

  100. WOW ! I reckon you’d all survive anywhere ! How lucky to have found such a beautiful desert island to be marooned on ! And you certainly have ingeniously made the most of what’s there ! We look forward to your next instalment
    Joan & Claude

  101. Salut Kay
    C’est superbe où vous passez votre période de confinement mais en même temps bien déconcertant de ne pas pouvoir savoir quand vous serez libres d’organiser la prochaine étape de votre voyage.
    C’est plus aventureux que prévu!
    Bonne chance
    Anne x

  102. As always, great to hear from you with your latest update. Like us you will be thinking that you will never be let out again. For the time being you seem to be reasonably busy and making the most of isolation on an island – except for the storms of course! Yes, certainly hope the man with the food doesn’t forget about you all! Nothing much to report from here. Tired of being locked up and still concerned about the future. Hope it won’t be too long before you will be able to make it to Thailand. We should have been going to Koh Samui again for a month in June. Trip to Canada/States in September also cancelled. Oh well, there is always next year. Keep safe and well. Look forward to hearing your next chapter . Love from Jan and Linton x

  103. Great to hear your news Kay. We have been back in Darwin since December – before c19 The NT has fared better than any other Aust state with the virus. We are lucky and feel very safe. Enjoying being home – the grandchildren and the vege patch. Had plans for Indonesian sailing later in the year but will now cruise in Nth Aust waters instead. Beau Soleil, Esoterica, Umbra Luna and Pegasus are all in NT waters. The current situation is that if you cross borders you have to isolate for 2 weeks but there is a lot to see and not much alternative. All the best and our regards to you, Javerne and Michael S. Lib and Punchy, Nautilus

  104. You two are amazing and so resilient and sounds as if you’re with a bunch of similar people. I’m sure though that you must be so ready to move on. We look forward to your next chapterlove
    Joan & Claude

  105. So nice to hear from you and to know you are safe and well out there in your beautiful island paradise, surely is a picture….time is slipping by quickly and it may seem a little strange leaving the place you have made home…….again,always great to get the updates…I will make sure the family is all up to date with your activities…….we are all well,school holidays are upon us so a busy time is approaching.till next time.paul and Susi

  106. So good to read about all your activities and you sound very organised!
    Great photos too, interesting to see and will look on YouTube for the

    All fine with me, be lovely when it is safe to fly again – Zoom is wonderful
    but not quite the same as seeing everyone.

    Take care and mind those snakes.

  107. Wow. What an unexpected adventure you two are having! You all look pretty happy & very well organised so that is all that matters.
    Am in Wellington now. Lint had 9 hrs of surgery on Thursday. Tumour at C7-T1 Slow growing and finally caused compression of spinal cord. Has had a rough time with imbalance and difficulty walking and terrible confusion, forgetfulness for past 2 months or so. Not sure how much recovery to expect. One day at a time. Instead of flying to Koh Samui we were flying to Wellington hospital in the air ambulance. Just as well we couldn’t go to Thailand anyway!

    Have fun and make the most of that lovely looking island. Not so sure about the local wildlife though!

  108. Looks like you are making the most of that beautiful place,the photo’s are great and it’s good to hear a little of your daily lives there.body surfing isn’t such a bad pastime.we are always thinking of you.enjoy

  109. The description and photos of your present circumstances are amazing to read. It brings a sense of reality to the Life adventure your living. These corona 19 times we all find ourselves in are funky for all of us.

    Personally I have spent most of this time in hospitals undergoing numerous vascular surgeries on my right leg. I’m much better now but all things considered being isolated on your tropical island sounds pretty good. Keep living the dream, stay safe and please continue updating your blog.
    Best regards – Keith & Gloria

  110. Thanks for another really interesting update Kay and Lane. Amazed at how you are all just getting on with it. Hope you are not “locked up”for too much longer!

    Take care,
    Always thinking of you and hoping that you are safe and well.

    Love Jan and Linton

  111. Wow, what an adventure. It looks far more interesting than the usual tourist spots.
    Hope you practised your French at Shangri La. Missing you at Amicale Francaise. Bev

  112. Loved your HotSpot. LOL. Great idea. Wonder if it would work on Great Barrier. Bev

  113. Hello Kay. Salut from the Amical Group. Your mail was forwarded to me. Fantastic to read your posts and see the pics. Wish I could be there. Am glad to be safely in NZ though compared to other places in the world. My son had tested positive when he came back from NZ/Aruba/UK. Sure he got it in England while on his first officer training. All good though. Only had mild symptoms. Shows you though that even the young and fit can get it. Better to stay safe where you’re now and enjoy the warmth. Cold, grey, windy, n wet here now. These blogs remind me of my time in Vietnam and travelling around Asia and Europe for 3 years. Used to have a neat blog website. But something happened. Link disappeared. Keep posting. It’s wonderful to read. Such amazing experiences you’re having. All the best. Big hug. Je t’embrasse bien forte. Bises. Gabi

  114. So glad you are safe and sound, and making the most of a difficult situation. Thanks for keeping us up to date on your adventures. Stay safe, and hope we can all move on to other adventures soon
    Nigel and Ming

  115. That looks like a great place to sit with a good book on the beach,while the rest of the world is in some kind of hysteria…….enjoy it while you can,……do. You have a surf board

      1. Hi Lane & Kay; Happy to see that you have been able to enlarge your horizons and have more population around. Although you can’t get to close, new surroundings must be a breath of fresh air !! It is such beautiful countries but when you can’t leave, I am sure it must be disconcerting to say the least. Atleast you have your group of friends with you. Glad to know you are safe and comfortable. We are have a heat wave hear too (100 to 115) but atleast not muggy !! Havent talked to Derek & Amy for a few weeks but do follow his posts on Facebook; rest of us doing good. Kids are back to school – mostly virtual but managing. Stay safe and enjoy !! Love, Charlene

  116. Oh! I hadn’t realised that Malaysia and Thailand have extended their restrictions. Global gloom and paranoia rules the day – crazy world.
    Still plenty of time for the South Africa option. Maybe six to ten others here in Réunion leaving for there in next couple of months.
    Fast broad reach all the way from Sumatra. Baguette, cheese and wine on arrival.

  117. Good to hear what you are up to and see your photos!
    Beautiful peaceful surroundings.
    We have all had our wings clipped this year……hard not
    to catch up with family isn’t it, lucky we do have Zoom etc.

    All the best for the next few weeks,


  118. Eh bien Kay, c’est pas du tout comme prévu! Vous faites preuve de courage en tout cas. Est-ce que vous risquez d’être touchés par la saison des cyclones?
    Ici on continue de produire des petits-enfants! 6 au total jusqu’à présent ❤️
    2 viennent de commencer à l’école.
    La situation avec le covid est très bien gérée ici mais évidemment il y a plein d’opinions divergentes sur le sujet.
    J’espère que vous pourrez bientôt entrer en Malaisie…

  119. It’s always good to hear from you, even though your wanderings have been curtailed somewhat by this covid thing. There are many worse places to be marrooned, and it is good that your sailing club gives you some social cohesion.
    Hang in there; you’ll be sailing again soon we hope.

  120. Hello, wish you all the best there, very late to find your blog, but, it is what it is!

    We are sins February in Thailand, between Satun and Krabi. Difficult with extending visa, but with letter off Embassy from the Netherlands, not a BIG problem.

    Plan is to go in January to Red Sea iff everything around here is still closed.
    We have enough space to sail around here etc. Monday again back to Immigration for extension, and then back to Satun, where we go again on the hard.

    Hope for you than country’s go open soon, do you intend to sail also to Red Sea?

    Stay safe and healthy, hope to see you somewhere. Greetings, Ad and Marianne, sy Betty Boop.

  121. Hello Kay
    only now got to read the last blog. You certainly live in a different world were you are. Wish I could pop over. We have had a few warmer days and spring is in the air but weather is also still changeable eg. today cooler and wet. Enjoy the tropical climate, the ocean and the beautiful beaches. Life looks fab your end. Big hello n hug from NZ

  122. Hi Kate and Lane,
    Have at last caught up with your latest blog. Don’t know whether to be deeply envious of your beautiful and peaceful hideaway, or commiserating with what must be a rather frustrating situation. So glad you are with a group of great people and at least you are spared the drama of second waves, Brexit and the American Presidential election, all of which are spreading chaos and gloom here in a wet and windy UK. Alcedo is still languishing on the hard in the Boat Lagoon in Phuket, with no possibility of us joining her in the foreseeable future. We are seriously thinking of shipping her back to the Med next year, so maybe we may even get to see you again. With that optimistic thought in mind and wishing you continuing peace and health and good sailing, all the best, Sally and David

  123. wow! what a story!
    always carry a spare water pump and a spare windlass…
    malaysia looks like paradise!
    very impressed with your adventures!
    kindest regards charles h

  124. So fun to watch your aventures In the sun ☀️
    Meanwhile watching a snow storm Outside my window ❄️☃️

  125. What a dreadful run of bad luck. But it’s good to hear you’re well and look good in the photos.
    Trust repairs and new windlass will have you underway again soon.

  126. Oh my goodness- what next?
    Your stories make gripping and scary reading.
    You are probably safer lolling about on the ocean than being here in Europe .The second wave is hitting hard and long .
    Bon vent chère amie

  127. Dearest you two,
    What adventures you are clocking up & what courage you possess to soldier-on.
    All’s well that ends well; and end well it did. Amazing you are & we are very, very glad
    that you are now safe & sound, with others of your ilk around you once more.
    We are happily ripping off our masks in Melbourne (outside) & enjoying the fruits of constant attention to restrictions over 112 days of heavy lockdown. We are in our 24th day of no new infections & no lives lost. It’s like winning a lottery!
    Take care of you both,
    We miss you 🙁
    Love & hugs, David & Tricia xxx

  128. Good to see all coming together,engine looks great.good for years of service.new year almost upon us so many adventures ahead for all of us I expect.we are getting ready for the family get together over Xmas which will be good.will call you a little closer to Xmas so till then,enjoy your adventures

  129. Golly ! Isn’t yachting so much fun !
    Sounds like you are a qualified diesel mechanic now Kay
    Love the pics and will enjoy the anchor lifting ceremony and sailing away pic
    Good luck and merry Christmas

  130. Always love your email updates. What a life. Glad you’re safe and am sure the engine issue will be soon dealt with. Wishing you a special and wonderful Xmas 2021 and a Happy New Year and a fabulous 2021.

  131. Fingers crossed for a successful and speedy engine repair.
    Wishing you both a happy xmas, and good winds when you are finally under way.

  132. Hi there Kay and Lane. You two are amazing! How do you keep hanging in there! Hope you get all your mechanical issues sorted before too long. Still love reading your stories.

    Lint had brain shunt inserted on Wed Wtgn hospital. Unfortunately developed pneumothorax post op. Shunt catheter damaged lung on way through. Swift action has resulted in a good recovery. Lung now expanded and chest drain now out. AND OMG HE IS WALKING! Feels like a miracle given that he arrived at the hospital in a wheelchair! Need to find his memory now, but for the moment, walking will be just fine!

    All the best to you both. 2020 is nearly over and we all need to get rid of it soon! Surely next year will be better for all of us and millions of others. Big hugs, Jan and Linton. xx

  133. Merry Christmas Kay and Lane and all the best for the New Year!
    Hope you are able to continue your sea journey before too long.


  134. So much fun reading your blog and seeing the fantastic experience of all your travels. Sorry to hear about all the troubles with Mai Tai, and know that she will soon be on the move. Thank you for sharing your lives and allowing me to experience it vicariously through you. Hope that this delay will soon all be behind you.
    Lots of hugs and best wishes. It will be nice to hug again when this vaccine takes place.

  135. It was so wonderful to meet you both this week! Ian was remarking at what a truly amazing duo you are… it’s rare for him to say such a thing 😉
    We would love to keep in touch… come back to shore for some more salad Kay! You can have mine ❤

  136. Absolutely amazing. Live your pics and story. You are living a dream. Maybe due to Covid u have the most incredible experience. Good luck for the lo g sail to the Seychelles.

  137. Must be hard to leave such a beautiful place.photos are great and to venture into another exciting place must be something to look forward to .keep well and safe.will talk again soon

  138. Thank you for the wonderful update!
    I’ll be curious to know what you think of the Seychelles. It is a bucket list location for me.

  139. Well you 2 certainly make the most of wherever you are and live life to the full. Love the photos. Joan

  140. What an adventure, stay safe and keep up the emails and pictures. May you have fair and favorable winds at your back!

    1. Really enjoyed reading this and love the pictures. Look forward to seeing you in the Seychelles.

  141. Hello Lane and Kay:
    Just to let you know that I am following along and enjoying your reported adventures. Of the videos, I like the deserted island beach…! Everything on the boat and the dinghy is so clean and bright white. Looks brand new. Hope all holds together safely.

  142. As always, a beautiful overview of your adventures. So many gorgeous places & people! The people will brighten your lives but, in turn, you will add enormously to their own experiences! Thanks for the terrific photos.

    Keeping my fingers crossed that this message will work. I have somehow lost several replies I’ve have made to your blogs. They look as if they’ve been ‘posted’ but then disappear.

    Dearest love, Tricia xxx

  143. Love living my life through your posts !! You two take care on the long voyage ahead.
    May you have fair winds and a gentle following sea!

  144. Good to see your latest news and plans.
    From all I’ve heard the Maldives are best left alone so I’m sure Seychelles are a good idea.
    Stay safe and smiling and enjoy yourselves.

  145. Lovely photographs and what a life you have been living. So glad all is now well with the engine and anchor windless and here’s hoping that that’s all well with Mai Tai from now on. We can only admire your tenacity and wonderful experiences from a locked down UK, with Alcedo still in Boat Lagoon in Phuket.

    Hope you have a wonderful sail to the Seychelles or wherever you decide to go.

  146. What beautiful places you are visiting! I love how crystal clear the water looks and the turquoise blue color of it as well. Such beauty out there! So sorry you can’t find the cheese but, as you said, you must move on sooner and later and then you’ll be able to re-stock on all the good things you can’t do without. Boating can be so challenging food wise and you have been challenged far more than we were! Enjoy your time there and have safe travels!

  147. Thank you for this beautifully written update.
    Sending our love,
    ~ Steve

  148. Lovely place,love the clear water,wish we could join you there,anyway enjoy it for us as well.always thinking of you both,take care.Paul

  149. Good to see you are enjoying so many of the lovely sights and people of Sumatra. And well done NZ with retaining the America Cup.( I didn’t follow it as those boats aren’t my sort of thing!)

  150. Yes, the America Cup series of yacht races certainly were exciting, and with the wonderful result for NZ. Italy certainly put up a good fight.
    You really are making the most of your time, and the islands and the very clear water look idyllic. However I can imagine how much you must be looking forward to moving on ! Fingers crossed for you for the month of May.

  151. Fab report. Love the pics. Envious. Such beautiful scenery. Wouldn’t have survived the 3 weeks challenging sail though. Might have to add the Seychelles to my bucket list. Enjoy your stay there.

    1. Dearest L’il Sis & Lane,
      SO good to see you both on terra firma once more, & looking in uber-excellent health. There is definitely something about sea air; that and being far from the madding crowd!

      We loved your photos, as always. In the yellow tshirt shot Kay, you bear a strong resemblance to your dear Mum – I remember how her tanned skin shone too.

      Such a shame to miss Mauritius. We can imagine the shock for you both to learn that your programmed passage was not to be. So many changes to all our lives wrought by this global state

      We love you and miss you. Take extra great care.
      BB & LS Xxx

  152. Dear Lanes, I want to thank you once more for the wonderful updates on your travel. Do enjoy the islands!
    So next is Zanzibar, remember to go and see the Turtle island, just a short boat ride from the main beach in town. Another impression was a sculpture by a Swedish artist ( forgot her name), it depicted slavery and was set in a hole. Horrific stories abound and amazing influences from far away places…look out for the architecture, specially doors. And you will go to Tanzania, if in Arusha say Hello to our sponsor child Sabrina. She is now 15, when we met her a few years ago, she said her wish was to become a pilot. We took her to a museum/art gallery, it was the first time she experienced a lift and escalator!
    Hope the weather is good for a hike up Kilimanjaro and don”t forget to go down into the Ngorogoro, an abundance of wildlife awaiting you there. The road between Arusha and the Valley was made by NZ, my neighbour was the chief engineer, the world is small after all!
    Blessing fly your way from us, Stig and Pauline

  153. A lovely update to your blog! Looking forward to the next exciting segment.

  154. Lane & Kay, we are always thrilled to see updates on your travels, and impressed with the distance you have covered after such a long time being held in Place by the pandemic. We wish you continued Safe travels. Kevin & Candy

  155. Lovely photos and interesting to read your notes!
    Enjoy the next stage of your voyage.

  156. Dearest Lane and Kay
    I am in awe of your adventuring. What pockets of differing lives you are finding! It makes our suburbia seem so bland. Keep on exploring, stay well and thank you for your wonder- full blogs. We are lucky to read them!
    Lové Trish and John (88 on Saturday! Doubly lucky in Chinese terms!)

  157. Dear Lane and Kay
    Like Trish and John, we are in awe of your sailing adventures and ability to make the most of all your ocean crossings, good and not so good and land exploration. The photographs are wonderful and the information you give to go with them a geography and history lesson in themselves. Hope you have a wonderful inland journey in Kenya, we had a great time there back in 1981! Looking forward to the next blog. Sally and David

  158. Wow. Amazing experiences and images to file in your memory. Thanks for sharing.

  159. What an adventure you two are having. Lots of fabulous memories for you both! Stay safe out there!

  160. Great change of pace and view from your lovely Mai Tai. So glad you were able to squeeze this into your amazing adventure.
    Are you teaming up with any other cruisers to travel up the Red Sea?
    I’ll be watching you all the way.
    Loved the this recent blog,
    ~ Steve

  161. What a great experience,the safari must have been great,we have a little pup running around the house but that’s as far as it goes….the old boating methods must be interesting,probably hasnt changed much for years…..great getting a new update on your blog so thanks for that….keep well ,Paul Susi and family

  162. Fascinated by your many adventures and experiences. great photos and narratives that most, if all, will never personally experience. Lane and I go back about to second grade, 7 years old. I have enjoyed sailing with him and his parents on the “Topaz” to Catalina Island back in the day and he and Kevin Cloud getting me a summer job on the Harbor Patrol there..one of the most fun summer jobs you could ever have (except for that Mustang car trip in 1966 to Utah to build a cabin…eight hours, non stop and once on the freeway never got below 65 MPH even when changing drivers…don’t tell the DMV.
    Stay Safe, have a phenomenal rest of your trip around the world and can’t wait to see you again in person!

  163. Hi Kay & Lane,

    Loved reading your wonderful descriptions of your fabulous colourful experiences in Africa.
    We look forward to your next chapter.
    Kay, I am sending you an email.
    Joan & Claude

  164. Hello again Kay and Lane.

    Thank your for another fascinating story! Loved the wildlife photos! Interesting to see how cloves grow and are harvested too. It is 10th Sept now so perhaps you have already left on the next long leg of your journey to the Med? Hope all went well with the clean up and servicing of Mai Thai.

    We wish you another safe and happy sail! Look forward to your next instalment.
    Love Jan and Linton

  165. OMG. Your life certainly is anything but boring. Wouldn’t have wanted to change places with you in those conditions. All the best with getting the engine sorted. What a fascinating read though. Fingers x all going well for the next leg of your journey once you leave Salalah

  166. Wow, I am exhausted but intrigued with your travels and ingenuity!! Blessings to you guys and prayers for your continued safety !! I know many friends and family are fascinated with your travels and we are living precariously through your writings – thank you for that!! Merry Christmas to you-you are in our thoughts and prayers daily!! The family will be together on Christmas Eve at Janine’s and will share your post with them!! Love and hugs to uou!!💕🎄🙏

  167. As we have the deepest respect for you and Kay in this harsh part of the world. Love your blogs and stories. You’re doing it guys! Living the dream (with nightmares too!). One day at a time! We all get old but would you rather it be on Maitai or in a rocking chair? Much aloha to you both and Mele Kalikimaka!

  168. Well, you are venturing forth into parts of the world rarely traveled by “pleasure” yachts and the fees are just the price of admission! Keep up the great reporting, I, too, doubt I will ever go there but you sure bring it to life in your blog!

  169. So, interesting. I never knew that about our history either. So the Frankincense comes from a tree?

  170. Those dolphins are amazing. It looks as though they are guiding you as they are welcoming you. What a great movie your travels would be to all of us that don’t have the tenacity to do what you both are doing. We are fortunate to live vicariously through both of you. Thank you for your blog. Safe travels and looking forward to the next chapter. XOXO

  171. Just can’t believe how you keep going in all adversity and make the very best of everything! What an amazing experience Sudan must have been and how you must worry every time the engine fails. Hoping very much you have a good experience in the Canal and looking forward to reading all about. Email to follow with our news!

  172. Wow ! What a way to start my day with such fascinating reading ! You both write so very expressively you almost take us there ! I don’t know how but I missed seeing you last blog, so it was a double delight this morning travelling through Sudan as well as Egypt. You certainly have had so many setbacks, but you get through them all so well, with your positive attitudes. We wish you all the very best on your trip through the Suez Canal, and up to Turkey, and we really look forward to your next blog.

  173. Amazing, it’s certainly a pleasure having you as life long friends. When do you plan on publishing the novel of your global covid cruising adventures? We’re honored to be able to receive an advanced look.
    Stay safe, may you continue to have calm winds and pleasant journeys!!!

  174. Lane and Kay, what a remarkable amazing journey. Candy and I love reading about your adventures, and are envious of those experiences which do not include being stranded in the desert.

    All Best to you both.

    Kevin and Candy

  175. Wow quite an ordeal. I read this chapter in Geneva airport waiting for my flight to NZ. Yes 4 weeks .
    Bon vent for thé next leg. I look forward to reading your news. xx

  176. That sounds like quite the adventure for you both! Flat tire, busy shipping channels, weather not cooperating and being held longer than was reasonable. You have certainly been having an adventurous trip! We’re so glad you are enjoying the voyage and the camaraderie of other boaters. When you get to Kusadasi, Turkey make sure not to miss the ruins at Ephesus! A must see for sure!

  177. Wow. What a journey you’ve had so far. Absolutely amazing. Hope you’ll collect all your memories in a book one day.

  178. What a wonderful way to start my day, reading about all your incredible adventures. Amazing how you get through all your setbacks, with your patience and positivity. So nice to be in good international company again, as this seems to have been scarce since you left Kenya. We wish you a safe sail to Cyprus and look forward to your next news.

  179. Was so nice to read your latest as it always is.almost there,the med.opening up another adventure.enjoy and keep safe

  180. That was an interesting read! Quite a tricky passage, glad you got there safely.
    Enjoyed seeing your photos too.
    Look forward to hearing about Turkey or Greece.

  181. Never a dull moment for you two! Hope the weather plays nicely and you get to Turkey or Greece safely. Great adventures you’re having.

  182. Delighted to read this update. You must have been happy to get past the Red Sea! And I see on MarineTraffic that you’re now in Turkey, I think. Yummy!

  183. I look forward to your next installment.

    Both Julie Bradley and Fatty Goodlander have described the run up the Suez Canal as an absolute horror. Hopefully, things have improved in the meantime.

  184. Oh. Wow. I know Finike. Sailed along the Turkish coast for 2 wks with an English lady from Fethiye to her winter quarter in Finike. Love Turkey. Enjoy time with friends n family in NZ. Am leaving 1. May for Europe til January

  185. Wow again Kay! Your blog with all the photos of ancient ancient ruins back to Roman times gave me a really visceral sense of the river of human life in its never ceasing flow….our footsteps are not even tiny dents in the long footprint of evolution.
    SOOOO pleased we can look forward to seeing you in June/July. Keep up the exploring. Stay well. Stay happy.
    Love to Lane
    And to you,
    Trish and John

  186. All sounds and looks marvellous and brings back many wonderful memories for me.
    You must be so excited, Kay, to be flying to NZ to see your family and friends. Wish I could pop over to say hello.
    Joan & Claude

  187. Outstanding MaiTai progress, news report and
    Pics of a trip
    Of a lifetime! Congrats again
    On reaching Turkey and your soon trip to
    NZ. Much aloha!

  188. Hi Lane and Kay,
    It has been too long since our last correspondence. We are fine and it sounds that both of you are doing well too.
    I can’t imagine living and doing all the wonderful things and adventures you two have experienced.
    I wanted to remind you that I still have that painting for you waiting to be sent.
    Did you both fly to NZ or just you, Kay?
    I am looking forward to your next adventure.
    Hugs and Love to you both!

  189. We will cherish that time we spent forever,great to hear of all your adventures and looking forward to hearing of the many more to come.we are all well ,not a lot has changed since you were here but there are updates on Facebook as you know.thanks again for being such a great sister.keep up the blogs as we love to be updated

  190. I’m loving this division of labor! Kay visits family and friends while Lane works his butt off on MaiTai. MY kind of mateship for sure! Enjoy your time together and all the touring up ahead! Aloha!

  191. Kia Ora wow that is some haul out well done skipper and matelot I know how much work this is
    Just put LeVi back in the tide but nothing compared to your efforts
    Thoroughly enjoy reading your news
    Keep on sailing

  192. Gosh. Loved reading your post. Sorry I missed you in NZ at the French meetup. Would have loved to chat. I know Finike. Been there on a yacht with an English round-the world sailing lady. Long story. Enjoy Turkey. It’s a fab country. Packed with history. You can do an easy day trip to Olympos. There are buses going there. Turkey has a fab bus transport system. Travelled 4 wks all over in 2015. All the best with Mai Tai’s overhaul. Think you did well going to NZ during that time 😁👍

  193. It was wonderful to spend a day with you and Loic in Melbourne. And now you’re back in Turkey, the country I love so much. Well done, Lane – an enormous amount of work, and in such scorching temperatures. Enjoy the rest of your time in fabulous Turkey.

  194. Mai Tai looks good. We had Osprey done over with vinyl, same color as before. about 2/3 the total price of paint. In good weather, the job takes 3 days. Of course, we did not have good weather this year in Seattle in early May – rainy, windy. One whole side blew off while Prism was trying to press the vinyl to the hull. All looks good now. Soft than paint, but easier to install and repair.

    We’ve made seven trips to SE AK. Elsie wrote her second book describing our trips.

    With several medical problems, we are passing Osprey on to new problem solvers, donating the boat to the Center for Wooden Boats. I don’t know how older boats get sold where you are, but it is a long process here. WA requires a separate surveyors document attesting to the soundness of the boat so it will not simply go derelict. Insurance is an other problem since insurers don’t really understand old boats. Elsie has been on the board at CWB for several years.

  195. Wow, what a fantastic place to visit. How exciting for you to be able to experience it. I would have loved to go to the Verdi’s Opera. It surely does take you back in time, sitting in those surroundings. Thank you for the visual tour. It is amazing!

  196. We loved reading your fantastic, descriptive adventures in Turkey. My favourite place to visit ever. Can’t wait to return. I hope the economy holds up and you don’t get into any difficulties there. Keep sailing- keep writing. Loving it. XxClIre

  197. WOW ! Such fascinating reading as usual, with fabulous photos. I really look forward to hearing all about your trip to south-east Turkey. All the best

  198. Great to hear from you and your slow and interesting westward travel.

  199. Wonderful to read this update. You’ve certainly sold me the idea of Turkey . La Traviata too! But for now I’ll head further south – probably the Canaries again.
    Stay well and busy on Mai Tai.

    1. Great to hear from you! We will be heading for the Canaries next year. Hope we can catch up. Cheers

  200. Happy Birthday Lane!!!

    I hope you are doing something special…although every day is special when cruising exotic countries. We love reading about your adventures. Plus you and Kay take the best photos. Thanks for sharing and for sending us emails to let us know a new posting.

  201. Hi you two,
    Are you on the road again? Where are you headed next. I think I read that it was the Mediteranian. Looking forward to your next exciting adventure.

  202. Best maitai update I’ve read yet (and all
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    Thank you. On New Year’s day I am reliving my memories of Gallipoli and sailing the southern coast. I think it is a shame that we make Anzac Day such a big deal when it commemorates such a tragic shameful moment in history. Remember yes, but celebrate hope and care for the olanet at Matariki.!
    Love Trish

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    As usual we loved your latest blog along with all the amazing photos. Thank you!

    Yes we too have had our memories of Istanbul, Eceabat, Canakale and Gallipoli revived. Hard to believe that you are all rugged up given that when we visited we nearly melted in the heat!

    It looks as if you may be sorry to leave Turkey. We wish you all the best for the next leg of your incredible journey.

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  220. Thank you Jane. We will be posting a new one in a few days. We’ll let you know when it is finished.

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    All good with us. This will be difficult for you to comprehend, but….. we moved into a retirement village recently. Our refurbed villa is really nice and so far we are happy being here. We are off to Thailand for 8 weeks 9 July .

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  229. hi i was hoping to gain some info from your experience , im looking at a luders naval yawl for long term cruising .my main questions are how it does as a seaboat for long offshore passages . average speeds in route ? thanks neal

  230. Ah! dear Lane and Kay
    As always, a magical blog…..I must confess it makes me restless (a little bit!). Olympia! Delphi — stunning locations on the long cultural map of our western world…..I visited Olympia when I was 20 — just the other day, and Delphi more recently. But one place I would always love to return to.
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    Not much to report here. Our hot summer is slowly declining and we can start to enjoy the next 7 months of mild weather.
    I think I read that you eventually are heading back to Australia/New Zealand. Do you have an address there yet? I would like to send the paintings I have for you.
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  238. Catching up with some of your blogs. Always love reading them and the pics. This one brought back memories as sailed for 2 weeks on a large ocean yacht (build in NZ but owned by an old English lady who lives in it in Turkey). So, know some of the places mentioned here as sailed from Fethye to Finneke and stopped in many bays. Loved it. Turkey is a beautiful country filled with historic places and gorgeous coastline n scenery

  239. Fabulous. Love Greece. Apart from touring around the entire Peloponnese many years ago with a car in which my husband and I also slept by flipping the seats n putting up curtains at night , I loved exploring many islands over the years in part while still living in Europe and in my 7 months trips around the Balkan, Greece and Turkey in 2015 (mainly the Cyclades and Rhodos for 2nd time round). Had my 60th in Santorini that year and island hopped to Naxos and Paros, Ios and some other island on a yacht with some Brits. Loved it. Thanks for bringing back memories. 🙏❤️

  240. OMG. What a shame I didn’t get to see you. Am back in NZ since 20.9. Going back to Europe early May as my nephew is getting married in the Toscana. Will be in my flat back in southern Spain towards from late May. Should you be by any chance in Europe let me know. Maybe we could meet somewhere. Would be fab. You’ll enjoy Tunisa. I used to go out with a Tunesian for 3 years when I was still at uni and then started my first job. Long story but also went to Tunisa to his family and see some places. Monastir was nice. You’ll have to visit Sidi-bou-Said. Gorgeous. Hammamet, Sousae and Sfax and Bizerte in the north. Big harbour. Enjoy Tunesia. Then you can return to the Schengen countries again. 😁
    Big hug from NZ

  241. Hi Friends from the past – your old “Viking friend” the Danish guy that was watching some of your amazing videos on YouTube ( as I’m picking up more sailing again – mainly in the Gulf around Auckland etc., ) wishes you all the best for Xmas and a happy new year. Safe sailing xxx
    Warm regards – John

  242. Kay and Lane, I love receiving these blogs via Mum! Your last leg without a motor sounds super exciting and stressful! You must return to Malta – a very interesting island! Would it be OK if I forward this on to friends who have recently bought a yacht in Greece…it could be useful to gain some insights?!
    If you ever feel like a little Balkan break you are welcome to come to Kosovo – another interesting part of the world!
    Take care, Jose

    1. Hi Jose, we have added you to our notification list! Thank you for reaching out to us and your wonderful offer to visit the Bulkans. Maybe one day! Cheers

  243. Merry Christmas to you both. It has been a while since I have written. As always, I love reading about your daily adventures. It is amazing and I admire your desire to do the things you do. I know it must be a lot of work, but the rewards must be so worth it.

    Bob and I have not traveled much this year, but are contemplating going to Canada for a few weeks in the summer to get out of the summer heat. We plan on going to Calgary, Banff, and Lake Louise. We have two dogs that we will be taking with us. MaiTai is 11, and Chance is 8. It kind of holds us down from doing too much travelling. We receive so much love from them that it is worth the sacrifice. I do have a hope that we can travel to Africa one day. Time will tell.

    We hope your adventures next year are as exciting as this year. I think and talk about you often about how wonderful it is to read about the places you have been and the places you are going. Take good care of each other and have a Healthy, Happy, and Safe New Year! Keep on Sailing!! Lots of Hugs to you both. As you would say, “Cheers”

  244. Dearest Kay – another incredible chapter of your epic travels. Our thoughts are with you – we can imagine the immense loss and sadness after the passing of your dear brother. Love Judy&Dave

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    With our dearest love, always and ever,
    BB and Tricia XXXX

  248. What an amazing journey you have made through Tunisia, and I thought that I had “seen it all”. Those cork forests definitely interest me, anything GREEN! I’m very sorry about the passing of your brother, Kay, and was glad to see that your daughter Frankie was here to be with you, during what was a difficult time.

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    all is well here.. just living the grind

  250. Dear Lane and Kay,
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful adventures with us.
    It must have been wonderful to have your daughter to have your daughter with you for her to experience some of the sights together.
    I so enjoy your blog and always look forward to the next adventure and all of the pictures.
    Stay safe, until next time.
    Lots of Hugs,
    Judy Lowe

  251. Sounds like you’ve got everything you need now for a 6-61 year sail away! 😂 clearly you’ve done a LOT of work but Mai Tai looks great!! Since you’re in Malta now does the clock start ticking for your European time?

    LOVE your blogs and following your travels! We’ve been back on Kauai for about 3 months (doing taxes, getting new tenants, cleaning up properties, having family time, and participating in one flash flood after another! 😝). Can hardly wait to resume our peripatetic lifestyle again! Sail on amigos!

    1. Malta doesn’t normally stamp your passport if you arrive by yacht and are not staying ashore at night, like in a hotel. As long as you are living on your boat, they consider you a transient and don’t stamp you in. So, we will stay here until the end of April and then head for Greece. Thanks for reading our blogs! 😁

  252. Fabulous. Looks like you have a near new yacht now. Well done. I love Tunesia. 😁